Football Pools Betting Guide

Football Pools BettingThe new football pools has been relaunched and ir is owned and operated by Sportech plc (a division of Littlewoods gaming) and for the first time it will bring together the big three players in the UK football pools market, Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters.

Play Football Pools Online

The Football Pools was founded 85 years ago by Littlewoods and during its peak it was played by over 15 million people each and every Saturday all hoping to get enough of those elusive score draws to win the jackpot. 

In 2009 just under 16,000,000 was paid out and there were over 130,000 individual winners.

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Playing the Game

Football Pools OnlineTo get cracking you need to be aged 18 and have a valid debit or credit card then you can register and start to play the games on offer, the classic pools is a good place to start for those familiar with the old style pools but there are new games Footy 15 and Premier 10 for those players who would prefer to stick to premiership pools betting.

There is also the chance to play the all time classic spot the ball but this time online and for the football statician in you there is Tom Trumps betting which, if you like card games you will love.  As well as all this there is the ability to set up your own private football league betting with your friends or colleagues, quick match stats betting that will allow you to bet on the number of corners, bookings or goals in a 90 minute match.


Way before the National Lottery existed there was only one way to win big money and this was on the football pools, it was played up and down the land and had no class barriers.  One of the most famous football pools winners was Viv Nicholson who won 152,319 in 1961 and when asked what she would do with hew new found wealth declared she was going to "spend, spend, spend".

Pools Betting Offers

As with most online sports betting there are special offers available when you first open your account or sometime matched bet offers are available, details of these free pools betting offers can be found on our site along with links to live football results and the latest football news.